Gmail is here

Students and faculty should go to to begin the process to migrate older mail to the Gmail engine. The process is first-come, first served. You can check you status in the queue by returning to Mail is available to you as soon as you make the migrate request. Click the icon in the top right nav of MIX.

Your MIX address will not change. What will change is the engine in the background that runs the mail. Some students have asked if they already have a Gmail account, will this affect anything? No, it will not; you will still have both your Gmail account and your MIX account Students who graduated in May of 2011 and May of 2012 will continue to receive mail.

We are pleased to offer 25 gigabytes of storage and a robust e-mail along with the many Google apps. Please stay tuned to MIX announcements for any updates. Make sure you are checking the MIX portal daily if you are a current student.

About MIX

MIX is the University’s primary means of communicating with students. Through MIX, you may receive messages about your major, reminders about approaching deadlines, and campus event information. The best way to learn about WVU is to log in to MIX and explore on your own. Students should check their MIX daily for e-mail and announcements.

Inside MIX, you will see a row of tabs at the top of the page, one of which is the STAR tab. This connects you with the WVU STAR Information System where you can check your financial aid award, pay your tuition and fees, receive updates on your housing assignment, and look up your roommate.

University Relations-Web can not reset passwords so it is very important that you first try MyID or at write to or call 304-293-4444. You should turn off mobile devices first before you start any password changes.