What is Log in?

Log is the new ID manager for WVU. Students, faculty, and staff will use this system to change and manage passwords that must be changed every 90 days. This covers most WVU systems, so you will have the same password. If you are a current student, faculty, or staff go to MyID to activate your account.

When did MyID start?

Log in began at the beginning of July 1, 2015.

I’m a newly admitted student. When do I start using Log in?

You will begin using Log in after you have registered for classes and come to campus. This is where you will activate your account and also change your password for the future once you are enrolled.

This is the first time since the ID manager called MyID has been in use that I need to change my password. What do I do?

Open your browser, go to, and follow the directions. You may need to wait ten minutes before you try to log back into the other systems.


Who has an account on MIX?

All students and teaching faculty have an account on MIX. These accounts are automatically created based on the date within the STAR system.

If I am not taking a summer course, will my account remain active over the summer?

As long as you are registered for the fall semester, your account will remain active over the summer.

What do I need to access MIX?

MIX is a completely Web-based system. You can access your MIX account from anywhere that you have an internet connection. The only software required is a supported Web browser.

To check out browsers for MIX please see Supported Browsers

How long will I be able to keep my MIX account after I graduate?

Now that that Gmail implementation has taken place, you will be able to keep your MIX mail indefinitely.


What is my e-mail address?

Your e-mail address is Ex: If my user name is ambaxter, then my e-mail address is Your address is also displayed in the upper right-hand corner of the e-mail window.

Will e-mail be scanned for viruses?

Yes, mail coming into the MIX e-mail system is scanned for viruses.

What is my mailbox quota?

Gmail offers 10 GB of free storage for your messages and attachments, and we’re adding more space as fast as we can. Your storage use is based on the size of all of the messages and attachments in your mail, including those in Spam and Trash. You can check how much space you’re using and your storage limit at the bottom of any Gmail page.

What happens when I reach my quota?

If you approach your storage limit, the quota indicator will change from green to red. If you go over your limit, incoming messages to your account will be returned to the sender.

If you’ve hit your limit and need to clear space, you’ll need to move messages to Trash and permanently delete them from there.

To find messages that are larger in size due to attachments, try using advanced search operators such as has:attachment or filename:mov. To move a message to Trash: To permanently delete a specific message: To permanently delete all of the messages in your Trash at once:

Messages left in Trash for 30 days will be permanently deleted automatically. Messages that are permanently deleted, manually or automatically, cannot be recovered.

I am an instructor. Will my MIX e-mail automatically forward to my Office 365/Outlook email account?

No, this is a separate e-mail account. This was done intentionally to allow more flexibility in your e-mail. You can keep your e-mail account separate and use the MIX account for only course-related e-mail and use Outlook for your research and day-to-day e-mail. You can also easily forward your MIX e-mail to your Outlook address if that is more convenient.

To forward you MIX Gmail account, follow these directions: Gmail lets you automatically forward incoming mail to another address.

Here’s how to forward messages automatically:

Click the gear icon in the upper right, then select Settings. Click the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab. From the first drop-down menu in the “Forwarding” section, select ‘Add new email address.’ Enter the email address to which you’d like your messages forwarded. For your security, we’ll send a verification to that email address. Open your forwarding email account, and find the confirmation message from the Gmail team. Click the verification link in that email. Back in your Gmail account, select the ‘Forward a copy of incoming mail to…’ option and select your forwarding address from the drop-down menu. Select the action you’d like your messages to take from the drop-down menu. You can choose to keep Gmail’s copy of the message in your inbox, or you can send it automatically to All Mail or Trash. Click Save Changes.

You also can set up filters to forward messages that meet specific criteria. You can create 20 filters that forward to other addresses. You can maximize your filtered forwarding by combining filters that send to the same address.

Who can send e-mail to the course list?

The e-mail class tool is only available to the person listed as the instructor of each course. This is designated within the STAR system. The instructor has the ability to e-mail from one to all students in the class.

What are the restrictions on e-mail attachments?

For e-mail class, the limit is 10 megabytes.

How do I find the MIX e-mail address of another student?

Use the online directory, at

Can I forward my MIX e-mail to another e-mail account?

Yes, you can but we suggest that you do not. Once you do that, we can’t help you with any problems. Follow the directions on Gmail for forwarding.

I can’t send e-mail. What should I do?

Make sure that you are using a supported browser version, listed on the MIX login page. If you still have problems sending e-mail, contact the Service Desk at 304-293-4444 for additional help. If the ITS Service Desk is not available, write to

I am not receiving e-mail to my MIX account. What should I do?

Contact the ITS Service Desk at 304-293-4444 for additional help or e-mail

Message Boards

Why is the content box for message board posts so small?

The first input box you see when posting a new message is not intended for the actual content of your message. Instead, the first input box is there to hold a subject or short description of your post. This subject line is limited to 512 characters in length.

The full content of your message should instead be entered into the second input box, which allows a much larger content size to provide ample space for message content.

Records-Grades, Transcripts, Paying Online

How do I view my grades and/or academic transcript in MIX/STAR?

1. Log on to MIX at
2. Click the STAR tab at the top of the screen
3. Click the Click here to enter STAR link
4. Click the Student Services & Housing link
5. Click the Student Records link
6. You can select the Final Grades link to view your semester grades or the Academic Transcript link to view your unofficial transcript.

How do I pay my fees with a credit card or electronic check in MIX/STAR?

1. Log on to MIX at
2. Select the STAR tab at the top of the screen
3. Select the Click here to enter STAR link
4. Select the Student Records link
5. Choose the Account Detail by Term/Make Payment link
6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select the Make a Payment link
7. Follow the instructions for making a payment


How do I find my WVUID number?

You can look up your WVUID number by going to Log in at this Web site with your MIX user name and PIN (password) and your WVUID will be displayed. You can also view your WVUID number when you are logged into STAR and reviewing information via the Student Services and Financial Aid links.

Financial Aid asked for my Social Security number. Do I need to give it to them?

Financial Aid is one of the WVU departments that may ask to confirm your Social Security number. They may also ask for your WVUID, so have both ready to give if you call them.

Should I change my PIN (password)?

Yes, all users are forced to change their STAR PIN (password) every 90 days to help safeguard personal data and e-mail privacy. If you are a newly admitted student, you will change this password in STAR. Once you come to campus and are registered for a current or future term you will change your password at MyID which will synchronize most of your passwords for WVU systems.

Is it okay to share this PIN (password) with my roommate or significant other?

We advise you not to share this PIN (password) with anyone. Relationships can change, and sharing your PIN puts your data at risk. You can give your parents access by following the directions at

I’m a faculty member. May I post a paper or electronic copy of grades with the WVU ID number?

No, you should not post grades with the WVU ID. If a student has not changed their PIN (password) in MIX and someone knows their birth date, it could pose a security risk to their MIX and STAR accounts.

I’m a faculty member/advisor. How do I find my WVU ID?

1. Log on to MIX at
2. Click the STAR tab at the top of the screen
3. Click the Click here to enter STAR link
4. Select a link under the Faculty menu

I’m confused about my WVU ID. Who can I contact?

Contact the ITS Service Desk at 304-293-4444 or via e-mail to

University Relations, Web
PO Box 6695
Morgantown, WV 26506-6695

Help Desk-OIT Phone:

Technical Questions
Content or Other Questions